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The worst thing that Planned Parenthood (PP) does, on a daily basis, is murdering innocent children. They do this every single day, without remorse and with exuberance. However, our culture has become so warped and disgusting that for many Americans abortion is just a something that we have to “get used to.”

So to stop these cold-blooded killers from the greatest mass genocide the world has ever seen, the pro-life community has had to adopt new tactics.

The folks at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) have taken to proving that Planned Parenthood breaks our laws in many diverse ways every single day. So sure, the worst thing they do is technically not illegal in America (to our shame) but PP does a whole lot of other stuff that is illegal. Over the last couple of years CMP has been unmasking the criminal activities of PP bit by bit, and it’s caused the abortion giant many problems. In fact, PP has become so agitated that they’ve forced the government to persecute CMP in an effort to get the journalists to stop reporting on what is really going on in their clinics.

Thankfully, CMP continues to do the hard work of speaking truth to a nation that seems to hate truth.

Their latest undercover video (the 15th thus far in the series) proves without a doubt that Planned Parenthood has been violating HIPPA laws and selling patient information as they also sell pieces of aborted baby bodies.

This guy's mother should have gone to Planned Parenthood.

a.k.a Wayne Fontana

Once a politician or beurocrat obtains POWER, from the more powerful, their life long dream comes true. No more crippling taxes, expenses and second class travel, like we, the common man and woman have to endure for the rest of our existance.

​Obviously this swarm of parasites dont want you knowing of their gravy train, so it's kept their little secret.

​You could be forgiven for thinking there was some kind of 'elite' New World Order on the horison. 


What do government make and pay for?.....FUCK ALL!

​What do 'we the people' make and pay for?.....EVERYTHING!

Once a rich person becomes a filthy rich person, like Royaly, the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Gates, Zuckerberg's, Buffet's,  Branson's and Bono. They undergo a metamorphosis. It's not a conscious decision, it just comes with the job. Being cow-towed to daily and getting everything you want is like a drug.  Eventually your norm becomes mundane and you crave more pleasure from life than just billions of dollars. This is when the Devil appears. You start to  pursue pleasures you've never experienced and open Pandora's boxes. Finally you end up with the wrong crowd. This croud will compromise you and make you do their bidding. Thi is the point when you are really part of the corrupt, Satanic New World Order. This is when you've reached the depths of depravity, and:


These monsters make money killing babies and selling their body parts.

9/11, what do you think? https://youtu.be/UFx1WaK54Vo

Alternative​ Queen's Christmas Speech. Dec 25th 2015

Glyn Ellis

9/11, Mossad, really? https://youtu.be/aI-_lWjfejc

We are controlled by a global elite, who care not one jot about you. Their only concern his wealth and power. You are just a NWO slave.

You knew damn well I was a snake oil before you took me in.

Arabs, Jews and Gypsies are travelling people. Never ones for manual work or exertion, but an increadable knack of relieving others of their hard earn cash and belongings. Over the years they came up with devious plans, to relieve us serfs of our money. Lucky heather, fortune telling and snake oils were their first vile products. As they became more adept at ripping the backs out of us, their fraudulant behaviour became more sophisticated.

Realising how easily we "normal human beings" could be manipulated, lied to and hoodwinked, their deception became bigger. Instead of peddling their worthless snake oils, future telling and lucky weeds up and down the land, they decided to set up stalls, by encampments, and have us go to them for our doses of plasibos and falsehoods. So profitable did these apothacaries become, the merchants of fraud became increadably wealthy, for those times.

Hot on the heels of these outdoor apothacaries, came early day BOOTS, followed by hospitality houses and witch-doctors. More and more people were falling ill, due to the shit in the original snake oils, they were buying and drinking. This was a bonus for the snake oil merchants, they could sell more snake oil, labelled as an antidote to the original shite they'd been selling.

Caring human beings started to get together and use proven, natural medicines to cure diseases. Hospitality Houses became hospitals and curing people became a serious business. Training colleges and hospitals began popping up all over the land and the future for medicine was looking bright. However, with this new breed of caring physicians and nurses curing people, for next to nothing, with natural herbal remedies, the fraudulent pill-pusher were noticing a fall in their huge profits. Snake oil and voodoo were not the earners they once were.

A way to recover their profitable malpractices had to be found.

The miscreants approached a couple of wealthy barons, told them of their plans and ask them to finance their new scam. Unfortunately, for the Arabs, Jews and Gypo's, these two multimillionaires liked their scam so much they decided to steal it for themselves.

David Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were the two finaciers the rogues had approach. This Jew and Gentile didn't get where they were today being straight-shooting business men. They easily shook off the Arabs, other Jews and Gypo's..

Rockefeller and Carnegie commenced to buy up all the existing hospitals and training colleges, whilst building other 'so called' healing establishments. They recruted real do-gooders, from all over, to become what they would call doctors, NOT witch doctors. Backing for their training colleges would come from state coffers, you will realise, as the story unfolds, the elite don't pay for anything with their own money, except for the initial essentials to set up the frauds, which they get back many fold once their scams are up and running.

They have the doctors, now they have to train (brain wash) them. This they guess will take 7 years and in that time they will be taught how to prescribe 'snake oil' and 'lucky heather', powdered of caurse. All of these new man-made medicines will be produced by the owners of the pharmacutical companies, who just happen to be Rockefeller and Carnegie.

Once all the pieces are in place and the hospitals, doctors and uncle Tom Cobbly an' all are ready for business, the ribbons are cut and the subtefuge commences.

You now own all the hospitals. You control the training colleges. You train the doctors. You produce the synthetic medication. You then go on to control the banks, newspapers, magazines, medical journals, clergy, judiciary, police, armed forces, colleges ad infinitum, by the very same method you used to take over the snake oil, fortune telling and lucky heather businesses. W.F. (intrepid)



We are being used by a powerful elite of psychotic misfits,  with the sole intention of ruling our lives and deaths. We may think we have free will and are in control of our own destiny, but this is not the case. If you can learn to understand what the New World Order is all about, we may be able to overturn their plans for world domination and tyrannical control. If we don't our children and grandchildren's lives will be hell on earth.

My main gripe today, this 10th day of August 2015, is PLANNED PARENTHOOD (Family planning). They are killing new born babies and selling their parts for profit. several video's have been released showing doctors offering parts or full body aborted babies, to two undercover agents.

https://youtu.be/MCiD9_ICt44 < copy and paste. https://youtu.be/MjCs_gvImyw < copy and paste.